Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outside My Comfort Zone


This quilt is for a customer's son and she said that he really liked the fabric in the center. It is a bit edgy. So I did Circle Lord ZigZag with a variation in the center. I used Camel thread throughout most of it. Warm & Natural batting.


There are a few borders. This is where I decided to try a few things. I dragged out my white board and tried to come up with an edgy design that would fit with the fabric and be a bit edgy.

The outer border is what I came up with. I like it though it reminds me of a G with a rhinosaurus horn. LOL.

Then I used the Circle Lord to do some perfect circles on the corners and the centers of all sides. I drew a thorny design in the corners and used Pepper Cory's spinning cross in the middle circles. I used my channel locks to make the straight lines. That was a bit difficult. The quilt is perfectly square. The rails on my machine are absolutely straight. So why did one of my lines start at 1 inch past the black border but then ended 1.5 inches from the black border? Canvas stretch on a 1 and a half year old machine is not likely. But since I float all my quilts, if I was off even a smidge when pinning, that gets magnified as you go across the quilt. I had to play with it. The lines were too long for a ruler without taking the chance of a wobble that would show.


The pieced black and purple piano key borders were done with continuous curve with two thorns sticking out of each line. I have seen this in a book or online but cannot remember whose design it is in order to give proper credit. I decided to changed thread to So Fine Silver just for this CC and I am pleased with the way it came out.


The greenish gold border is also alternating small and large thorns. I made the large thrns curve enough at the top to grab a couple of threads of the next border just to keep it in line. I thought it looked fine with out stitch in the ditch. The other borders needed the ditch work.

I used the Circle Lord Zigzag templates to make a crosshatch with an extra diamond. I love that Circle Lord.

The customer picked it up at the LQS and called me last night to tell me that she loved it. I love happy endings, don't you.

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