Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sally's Frogs

One of Sally's grand-daughters loved frogs when she was a young girl. Sally made a quilt for her with a huge frog on the front. Now the girl is 21 years old and she asked her grandmother for another frog quilt.

Sally made this Just Can't Cut It quilt with some fun frog fabric and lime green borders. She asked me to put some frogs in the quilt. I used some frog motifs from Golden Threads Natural Wonders Continuous Line Quilting Earthlines by Julie Mullin on the borders and the corners. In side the field, I quilted water design and frogs poised and leaping from Lora Rocke's design book.

I used Signature's cotto Spring green thread top and bobbin and Quilter's Dream Puff batting.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

KaitLynn's Crazy 9 Patch Quilt

Mary has made several of these Crazy 9 Patch quilts for her grandchildren. This one is all pinks and browns. The back is pink and the borders are brown dimples. She embroidered her grand-daughters name in the corner.

I quilted free-motion flowers in the borders. I used Wandering Daisies panto by Sharon Spingler for WillowLeaf Studio. I have used it several times, it is a very sweet pattern.

Laurel Burch's Horse quilt for Mary

Mary used the Laurel Burch horse collection to make this wonderful quilt for the lady that feeds her horse. It is on point with some black fabric with gold flecks as setting triangles. The back is lime-green.

I drew some of the horse heads and quilt those into the white blocks. I used the Norma Sharp Variegated Shell block set from Simple Quilting stitches for the green blocks. The motif reminded me of horses hooves. I put angular lines in the setting triangles; very simple but gave some nice texture to the triangles.

I used Rheingold thread on top and PermaCore Spring Green TEX 30 on the back and Quilter's Dream Puff batting. This is my first time using Rheingold thread. It gives some wonderful sparkle to the quilt which gold well with the Laurel Burch gold touches. The thread handles well and quilted like silk.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Deborah's Arkansas Crossroads

I attend a night-time quilt class at the local high school. The students vary from rookies who have never made a quilt and some quilters with decades of experience. We meet once a week and work on various projects. The teacher, Janet, teaches us a couple of patterns each semester. Some of us make the quilts, some of us go to class for the lecture portion and work on other projects. It is more of a social event where we happen to learn quilting. One of the projects was the quilt pattern Arkansas Crossroads. I am still pretty new to the group. I just finished my second semester.

At the end of every month, the group is encouraged to donate home-made placemats which will be given to the local senior center. Each placemat donated gets a ticket for the drawing held in class. So if you donate, 4 placemats, you get 4 tickets. The drawing prizes are usually gift certificates to the local quilt shop, The Crazy 9Patch. Since I jsut got a new Gammill longarm machine, I decided to donate a free quilt job for one of the class projects. Deborah brought some placemats to class and won the quilt job.

The quilt is 89 x 112 and is done in deep rich browns and reds. The backing is a brown batik. I used Signature Chestnut brown on top and Java brown in the bobbin. The quilt was so dark that I decided to use Quilter's Dream Midnight Black batting. I used a couple of stencils for the borders and the Meredith England panto named Featheration. If is a big (17") flowing pattern and it quilts up quickly.

Jody's Poinsettia Trellis

We had a mystery class at the local quilt shop. Jody taught the class. Mystery classes are always so much fun. Everybody brings a little treat and of course, chocolate is always welcome. Jody makes the classes special by designing different ways to preset the clues. This time, the clues were tail feathers on a paper turkey.

The quilt turned out to be a trellis quilt. Jody used two different poinsettia fabrics. The back is alight green wide back. The borders are deep red. I used Signature cotton scarlet thread top and bobbin for the red borders. This was my first time trying Jodi Robinson feathers. I was happy with the way they turned out. The center of the quilt was quilted with Signature cotton Limey green thread top and bobbin.

Mary's Crazy 9 Patch for Kaitlynn

Mary has made several of these Crazy 9 Patch quilts for her grand-children. She likes to add their embroidered name in the border.

But this one is different. Mary's neighborhood was hit very hard during the recent Witch Creek fire. She lives in a small gated community of 12 homes. When the fire hit, it took the houses of six of Mary's neighbors. Nobody knows why the fire stopped before it got to Mary's house. Her neighbors lost everything. The phones and electricty in their tiny community were out for a long time. When the electricty was restored, Mary tried to get back into a normal routine. She made this quilt for KaitLynn. It is made with pinks and browns. The border is brown.

I used Warm's Soft and Brite poly batting. The thread is Signature cotton pink in the feild and the bobbin and Java brown on the border.

Jody's Christmas Elf Quilt

Jody attended a snowball quilt class at the Crazy 9 Patch. She used Moda's elf fabric with bright green star points. She used a pieced pinao border on it and a muslin back. She wanted BIG quilting on it. I used Linda Lawson wreath 2007 from the Longarm Chat as the center. I used Holiday Lights panto by Jodi Beamish of Willow Leaf Studio on the border. The rest of the designs, bell, holly, bulb, and peppermint candy canes were all done free-motion. She was thrilled.

April's First Quilt

Betty, most people call hr Mema, is one of our town's most experienced quilters. She has been the featured quilter at the Ramona Quilt show and she helps out at the local quilt shop, The Crazy 9 Patch. Mema alos mentors young women who want to learn how to quilt. She helps them with colors, fabrics and a pattern that they will be able to finish.

April is one of her students. This is April's first quilt. She made this quilt for her mother. She did a great job with her 1/4 inch. The quilt is flat and square. You would not know that it was made by a first-timer.

The quilt is done in wonderful golds and purple batiks fabric.

I used Signature cotton Mustard thread and did a freemotion quilting that included flowers, loops, curls and feathers. Very girly. I used Warm's Soft and Brite.

Brenda's Palm Tree Quilt

Brenda's friend loves palm trees. Brenda made a quilt in a mystery class held at our local quilt shop, the Crazy 9 Patch. It was done in pale greens and teals with a beautiful blue green back. She wanted me to quilt palm trees on the quilt. I practiced drawing several trunks before I drew one that I liked. Then I was able to quilt it freemotion and filled in the palm fronds. The blocks were big - 16 inches and I was afraid that the blank space beside the trunks would puff out. I asked for help on the MQ Resource quilting forum and got some helpful advice. I quilted in a "tropical breeze" beside the trunks that will do the trick to keep the blocks from puffing up.
I used Signature cotton Seafoam thread on the top and PermaCore BlueJay in the bobbin with Warm and White cotton batting. I used Signature Parchment and Superior MonoPoly (in the bobbin) for the tropical breeze so it would blend.

Sally's Butterlies

This is a bright butterfly quilt with some applique butterflies. The backing is purple. I echo quilted around the applique butterflies. I used Hermione Agee's Butterfly Charm panto. The border are daisies with wavy piano keys.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mary's Monterrey Medallions

Mary and I took a Monterrey Medallions class from Susan Baker back in September. Mary had chosen the yummiest fabric. She had reds, golds, brown and greens, some with Jacquard circles. The pattern book had some sytles of quilting that Mary liked and wanted me to put into her quilt. She wanted some feathers and stipple. Oh, how I hate stipple. I have to really concentrate to keep from crossing a line. It does make a nice background filler, though.

I put in some setting triangles by quilting a diagonal stitch down the green blocks using a ruler. I put some feathers in the triangles using Norma Sharp's Feather Bock Set from Simple Quilting Stitches.
I put feathers (in red) around the big center medallion and echoed them in gold and then stipple inside that. I put continuous curves around the large center star. I used Quilter's Dream Puff.

My life has changed in the last couple of years - some bumps, I retired from quilting, and then I moved to Texas. I'm anxious to see what new adventures await me in the next phase of my life.

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