Friday, December 04, 2009


Yup. I thought that it was probably bronchitis so I just pretended that it would go away. It is a stupid game that I play with my lungs. Then when I finally decided that I might need to see a doctor, the earliest appointment was days away. This is a small town and I used to be able to call in and get an appointment today, tomorrow at the latest. Hmm, of course, that was when they were open til 6 pm and on Saturdays. So Friday morning I lucked out and got an appointment.

Yeah, so by the time I got in, the doctor said that I had bronchitis ( I called it), but that in 2 days time, I would have pneumonia. Ah, ha, a fortune teller. How about hooking me up with the lottery numbers, doc. So I had to drive 23 miles to the nearest x-ray facility and then wait until Monday to get hear from the doctor. He went ahead and loaded me up with an antibiotic, prednisone (grrr) and tamiflu just in case I needed it, (huh?)

Then on Monday, he called (to gloat) and said that I had pneumonia in my right lung and to rest, drink plenty of liquids, yada, yada. Hey, this is the height of the Christmas quilting season in case you have not heard. It is decidedly hard to quilt while coughing up a lung. So rest I did, for almost a week. What a backlog.

I'm on the mend and still have 8 quilts to go before Christmas, well, December 15th. I'll make it, God willing.

Sara's Cut-Up 9-patch

This is the sweetest quilt. Maybe it is the lights that make it seem so bright and cheerful. Sara chose a floral digitized pattern named SSEZPZ001.

Cappucino Twist and Turn

I love those Bali Pop 2.5 inch strips with coordinated fabrics. This one is full of rich browns, blacks and tonal beiges and tans. Sue used a twist and turn pattern to form the blocks. The border is also batik.

I used the Aramis digitized pattern from Kim Diamond's Sweet Dreams web-site. I decided to use Super King Tut Cobra thread which has black, tan, brown and copper in it. I am very happy with the results.

Christi's One Block Wonder

These OBW quilts always amaze me. The fabric is chopped up, re-assembled into kaliedoscope fashion and then painstakingly reassembled to form a flowing river of colors that look nothing like the fabric from which it is constructed.

Christi made this one for her grandson. It is mostly blues with some pink and greens. I used 3 different blues on the top to direct the eye across the quilt. The pink parts had a light blue plus pink Super King Tut and a So Fine pink thread. I did continuous curves as I really did not want to detract from the beauty of the fabric. I initially tried using my IQ to do the CC but I was not happy with how it sometimes did not hit the mark that I wanted. The border is an IQ pattern named Circle in a Circle.

Kathy's Faeries Quilt

This faeries fabric is very popular this year. I must have done 3 or 4 quilts with this fabric in it. Swag borders, leaves in the sashing and outlined the faeries.

Disney Embroidered Quilt

Debbie made this quilt for a friend of a friend. The blocks are all machine embroidered Disney characters. Debbie surrounded these blocks with blue fabric sprinkled with stars and dots.

Liz's Summer Greets Autumn

Chenille is the best snuggling fabric.

Lover's Knot Christmas

Sharna made this quilt from the most wonderful Christmas fabric. It was a joy to quilt since it was flat, square and well-pieced. I used Superior So Fine Straw thread. I used digitized pattern Holly Bows and Holly Swags.

12 Days of Christmas

This is a pattern by Micky Swall. It is applique done with the Pearl Periera freezer paper method. I finished it back in December but was too busy to take close-up photos. I got several ideas for the background fill from my guild president, Friendship Quilters of San Diego.

My life has changed in the last couple of years - some bumps, I retired from quilting, and then I moved to Texas. I'm anxious to see what new adventures await me in the next phase of my life.

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This is called Fruit Cocktail
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