Thursday, February 19, 2009

This is My Space - Get out ! Peeve In Perpetuity

Some folks blog about peeves or things that bother them. I love to read these blogs and frequently get a chuckle out of them. Often, things that bother them also rile me up. So continuing in that tradition, I will start a Peeve In Perpetuity - in other words, the things that are timeless, eternal and will likely bother me the rest of my life.

So let's start with the one that fired me up this morning as I was driving to work. I think most people are on auto-pilot for the morning commute. You stumble out of bed, coffee, get in the car and go. I think that most commuters are courteous and like-minded - we share a bond - we are all going to work and if we have basic navigation skills mixed with some courtesy, the drive to work will be uneventful.

And then there's those yobos who think that they are the only ones on the road. They think nothing of cutting you off so you have to slam on your brakes. They will jump into a line of cars that have been waiting for the same light for which the yobo thinks he is too good to wait. But I will save those irritations for another time. Traffic fodder, I have lots of angst about that.

Today's peeve are the other guy's headlights - they invade the space in my car - flood my car with too much light. It's not just the bright lights that blind you whether they are driving toward you or boring a hole in your retina via your rearview mirror, it's those new brighter than bright, intense xenon lights that most trucks come equipped with today. It's bad enough that truck headlights are at the same level as a sedan's rear window. Tough beans if you drive a sedan and a truck pulls in behind you.

But when that yobo has those new xenon lights and puts himself in position behind you that keeps those lights in your mirror, it is impossible to drive without covering the mirror or leaning forward to avoid the glare. Safe? No, but neither are flashbulbs in my eyes while I am trying to drive. I usually just pull over and let the yobo go by. But that is not what I want to do.

I want to push a James Bond dashboard button that lifts a large mirror off my trunk so it faces the guy behind me. "Yeah, have some of this, Bright Eyes."

So tell me, what peeves you today?

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