Monday, March 30, 2009

MQS 2009 Quilt Entry - California Poppy

I wasn't going to do this. I had an entry in MQS 2008 Bread and Butter Category. It was a blooming 9 patch. I entered the Blooming 9 patch into the San Diego quilt show and the Poway 4th of July Quilt show. It actually got Viewer's Choice at the Poway show. I have a friend, Debbie, who is a much better piecer than I am. She pieces, I quilt. So she made a very pretty (sage and beige) 4-patch variation as part of the Quilting Challenge for Innovations in 2008. I didn't realize that I would get any judges comments from Innovations so that was a nice surprise. The urge to make a show quilt and the drudgery of deadlines was sort of out of my system but Debbie wanted to do another so that is where I am now. I just quilt the quilts.

I am doing the quilt freehand which I think is probably suicidal but I hope to get some valuable constructive criticism from the judges on my freehand work. It does help you target areas of improvement. I was told to focus on making sharper points on my quilt last year so I have been working on that all year. I think I have gotten better. Part of that may be due to my new Edgerider wheels though so I can't take all the credit.

So I loaded the quilt last night, wound the tangerine bobbins, oiled the machine, and refreshed my memory on the design. I am ready. More later.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Log Cabin in the Mountains with Stars - Done

This is Betty's Log Cabin in the mountain setting. I got lots of design help on this one from Deb Levy and Gayle McKay over on Machine Quilter's Resource. The details are in the WIP Wednesday. After hanging up the quilt so I could photograph it, I was pleasantly surprised to see the secondary diamond pattern made by the diagonal lines. It is so cool.

So I took the quilt down to the quilt shop (of course, there was a class going on) so that I could open it up and show everybody. I love those "Wow" moments, good for the ego and good for business. Betty came to the shop to pick it up and she loved it and gave me a big hug. Here's all the photos.

My life has changed in the last couple of years - some bumps, I retired from quilting, and then I moved to Texas. I'm anxious to see what new adventures await me in the next phase of my life.

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