Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Mess with My Karma

I had to run some errands today during my lunch hour. It is not my favorite time since the streets in the Point Loma area seem to be congested with cars and the sign people. But I had things to do.

First was the bank. On my way, I noticed a sign man. His sign said "Traveling, broke, can U help?" I didn't have any money...yet. But at least it was a new sign. I envisioned this guy traveling across America and he lost his money and got stranded and he just needs enough to get him back home. He was 40-ish with a clean beard, shorts and jacket. He wasn't one of the regulars. He didn't walk up and down the island showing his sign and looking forlorn at every driver, waiting for the window to get rolled down and money to be handed to him. No, this guy, just stood with his sign and looked lost. Hmm, on my way back, I'll make the block and come back this way and give him some money to help him out.

Got to the bank and there was a nice man who works for B of A as their parking lot monitor. I guess in this crowded area, he was there to make sure that if you parked in B of A's parking lot, you bettr have business with the bank. I did and he helped guide me into my spot and smiled and waved. I went into the bank and there was nobody in line. Wow, I was stunned. The last time I came here, there were 17 people in line and 2 or 3 tellers. So I quickly filled out my deposit slip and went over to the clerk. I finished my business and left. 3 minutes total. WooHoo.

Next is Trader Joes to get some of those yummy gluten-free cookies that I love. There was nobody in line and the girl checked me out quickly with only 4 items (not all cookies, OK) I noticed that there were foreign coins under the glass at the check-out, where you stand to write your check or swipe your debit. I remarked and the girl said they were just putting foreign money there. When I was moving last week, I came across some old money from my travels and it was in my purse. So I dragged out some paper money from Chile and Indonesia. She called another checker over and we all chatted about travel and where we had been. I tol dher to keep the money, I had others. So she put it under the glass and we all smiled our good-byes.

Then I had to go to Big Lots to replace my husband Cuisinart Coffee bean grinder brewer thinga-ma-jig. He broke his during the move. I found a good replacement for $70 so I was happy with that purchase. Got in line to pay. There is one register and it is sprinkled with odiferous sign people. I know they don't have a shower since they are homeless but that doesn't mean that I want to stand behind them in line. Wow, the BigLots furniture guy came over and asked if I want to check at his register instead of waiting. You betcha. WooHoo.

Got back to work totally forgetting the "traveling" sign guy. I remembered as I was emptying my pockets at my desk. Ah-oh, there's the $10 bill that I got from the bank and had out for Traveling-Man. I also noticed that I did not have my cell phone. OH, CRAP! Where did I leave my phone? Door number 1 is the bank; Door #2 is Trader Joes and Door #3 is BigLots.

I called the bank and after 11 bizillion "push 1 for yada yada", I got a person on the line who connected me to the bank at Point Loma. Damon answered and went looking for my phone. Meanwhile, I am wondering who picked up my blackberry and how many international calls they have made on my phone. I should have given that single in change to Traveling Man. OH, CR... hello, you have my phone there at the bank. WooHoo. So I jumped in my car repeating my route back to the bank.

So I was on the look-out for "Traveling" sign guy. There was a knot of about 6 or 7 sign people in the back parking lot of the Walgreens talking to a policeman in a car. Hmm, must have had a ruckus. I saw a man on that corner holding the "Traveling" sign but this wasn't the same guy. Same sign, different guy. Do you think they share their signs? Is it really just a racket? Isn't there somebody who is really temporarily stranded and needs a little help to get on his feet? Or are all of them with signs "Will work for food" which really means "will stand here for money"?

I did not stop. I recovered my phone at the bank and went back to work with my smiles from the bank, Trader Joe's foreign money story and coffee pot for Terry. Don't push your luck, Linda.

My life has changed in the last couple of years - some bumps, I retired from quilting, and then I moved to Texas. I'm anxious to see what new adventures await me in the next phase of my life.

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