Sunday, August 05, 2012

Men can be so stubborn

Men can be so stubborn. No, really.

It was a beautiful Saturday. We were headed for the Farmer's Market and I noticed a Garage Sale in a parking lot. "Oh, look at that!" I said. I felt, rather than actually saw, my husband's eyes roll back. I asked him to go around the block.

I headed straight for that HUGE black blob bean bag that had caught my attention from the road. There was a little girl laying across it.
I thought that all three of my grand children could sit on that big blob. I had to get my husband to take a photo and send it to my daughter-in-law so she could approve or disapprove the big blob. We got the OK and thus begins the stubbornness.

I said: "I'll move the car closer" - my Suburban was about 30 feet from the blob.

Husband's reply to my advice: "No, it'll be fine"

Me: It's heavier than it looks"

Husband's reply to my advice: "It's fine"

Me: "I need to lower the 3rd bench seat"

Husband's reply to my advice: "No, it is OK"

I opened the back door and waited as my husband and a helper figured out how heavy that blob really was and started carrying it toward the car. You don't need a big imagination to figure that a large blob might be heavy, unwieldy and difficult to handle.

Me: "Please, be careful".

Husband's reply to my advice: (grunt)

About a foot from the car my husband lost his footing and fell on his side. He wasn't seriously hurt, scraped knee and a hard landing jarred him. But it hurt his pride. My fussing over him met with a brusque retort "I'm fine". But his grumbles scared away his helper.

So now it's just the two of us trying to get this thing in the car. Lots of pushing and grunting. It's too big for the cargo compartment. Hmmm.

We had to pull the blob back out of the car in order to reach the release lever to lower the 3rd row bench seat.

Me: "I think we need to lower the back seat, too"

Husband's reply to my advice: "No, It's fine"

You can figure out the rest. Once it was loaded, we took our prize to our son's house.

Here's a photo of 2 out of 3 of my grand's on the blob.

As we left their house my husband was rubbing his shoulder.

I asked him "Do you think that maybe you should have listened to my advice to about moving the car?"

Husband's reply to my question: (grunt)

Men can be so stubborn.

Post Script: Later that same day, my husband took a couple of aspirin for the pain in his shoulder and my grandson fell asleep on the blob. Perfect garage sale score. And the end to a perfect day.

My life has changed in the last couple of years - some bumps, I retired from quilting, and then I moved to Texas. I'm anxious to see what new adventures await me in the next phase of my life.

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