Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brenda's Snapshot Quilt

This is Brenda's quilt from the birthday party tath she hosted at the Crazy 9 Patch. We all had different fabrics. Mine were fall leaves. Brenda's were the beautiful black and gold reindeers. I used the digitized pattern Holly Bows with Rheingold thread.

Lori's Monsters Quilt

This grandmother really put on her thinking cap to make this darling quilt based on the movie Monsters, Inc. She crafted some monsters with big smiles, extra eyes and plaid bellies and placed them in blocks. She wanted the monsters to stay secured and a bit puffy. I used Quilter's Dream Puff batting.

She decided to use Anne Bright's digitized pattern named Monsters. It was perfect for this quilt. She did not want the pattern to march across the monsters, though. So I listened to Linda Lawson's 3-part IQ video on how to use IQ's No-Sew block to mask out areas and still use a panto behind the masked area. It does jump-stitches oaver the masked out areas. So cool. This technique will work really well with applique as well.

Lori and I disagreed on the color of thread to use. I thought that lime green would be a good choice but Lori wanted orange. She really wanted the monster panto to show plus she was planning to use orange plaid binding. I convinced her to use the lime green. Then I quilted it, well, about 8 inches on the panto (very tight) and it was almost invisible on the quilt top. Crap!. 2 hours of unquilting later and I decided that Rheingold bright orange was a better chioce. It turned out adorable.

Carleen's kingsize Alternating 9-Patch

105 x 107, this quilt is big. Carleen wanted it to be puffy. So I chose Quilter's Dream Puff and a big digitized pattern to keep it open. I chose Intelligent Quilting's Whoopsy Daisy. I love the way this pattern lines up so cleanly. I found a King Tut thread with all blues and the hint of pink that this quilt has. Lapis Lazuli is just yummy on this quilt and So Fine Your Highness in the bobbin.

Naomi's Cut-Up 9-Patch

We did this quilt pattern in the Ramona night class. Naomi wanted either hearts or roses for this quilt. Lots of blues and purples. I chose Georgette Dell'Orco's design called Heart Flowing of Quilter's Niche.

Muted Jewels for Leane

This is Leane's second quilt. It was flat and square and a dream to quilt. I think she did a great job on this quilt. I used Intelligent Quilting's Whoopsy Daisy digitized design. The pieced outer border is a freehand design that I learned from Carla Barrett called circle-hook-fern. It is a graceful pattern that looks great in 2 inch borders or sashings.

Mary's Batik Leaves with Seminole Border

Mary wanted a snuggle quilt for her mountain cabin. She used fall-colored batiks with a lovely seminole border on the top and soft green flannel on the back. She decided that she wanted to use wool batting. The pattern that she chose was the digitized pattern named All Leaves from Legacy Quilting.

I used Superior So Fine #447 Ivy on the top and bobbin.

Kathy's Black and White

Kathy made this fun quilt out of black and white prints. Lots of straight lines. She decided that she liked the bubble meander digitized pattern for this one. Then I did feathers in the borders with some really cool spines patterns that I downloaded from CompuQuilter. I think the designer is Joann Hoffman.

It turned out great except for the white batting poking thru the back at every needle hole. OMG, what is that about. I flipped out. Did I mount it upside down? Did Kathy wash the batting and that is why it is so fluffy? I went to my online quilting experts on Machine Quilter's Resource web-site. I posted the photo of the back and asked for help. The pattern is so tight, that it would take me days to pull out the quilting. I got
some reassurances plus some great advice.

Wilma C of Christian Lane Quilters has seen it all. She runs a quilt shop which just happens to specialize in wide backs, whole clothes and much more. Wilma told me that the cotton fibers are curly and that the first time that Kathy washes the quilt, the batting pokey would snap off and the hole would close so that there would be no more batting migration. Thanks, Wilma.

And that is exactly what I told Kathy. I don't know if she or I was more reassured by Wilma's words.

Marilynn's BOM Seminole Shop Sample

The Crazy 9 Patch is our local quilt shop. Every year, Martha, the owner of C9P, runs a Block of the Month (BOM) promotion so that quilters can buy a block pattern and the fabric for the month. They collect and piece these block patterns all year and then add some borders and have a lovely quilt. Martha hosts a BOM Extravaganza in February, complete with good things to eat, and everybody brings their personal BOM creations. It is always a fun event here in town.

This year, the BOM block pattern is a seminole borders. Say waht? A quilt of borders, did I say that right? Yup. So she asked her shop clerks, Kimmie, Marilynn and Debbie to put together their quilts to provide inspiration to the other folks in town. What a diverse collection of quilts we will have in February if Debbie's and Marilynn's quilts are an indication of what is to come.

This one is Marilynn's quilt. It is very traditional with a floral panel medallion. And lots of fairy frost. I used about 10 different thread colors and several digitized designs. I did a lot of thread play in the medallion on this one.

My life has changed in the last couple of years - some bumps, I retired from quilting, and then I moved to Texas. I'm anxious to see what new adventures await me in the next phase of my life.

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