Friday, January 23, 2015

Macy's Red Carpet Treatment

In our newly combined family, there are 6 of us plus one goofy boxer named Axel. When we gather to watch movies, it was a tight squeeze. We were all spread out on my butter yellow sofa, a hand-me-down Ethan Allen high back love seat (that I loved) and various chairs. And then Axel climbs up and wants to join us so we all shift.

In the beginning of the year, Macy's was running a New Year's Sale that looked interesting. We all went down to Macy's and tried out several sizes in Goldilocks style. We also needed an ottoman that opens so those blankets that everybody snuggles with and then leaves on the sofa would have a new home. We found the perfect sectional with an ottoman and it came in so many colors that we were able to choose the perfect match for our room. We all liked this one - it was meant to be.. The sales guy told us about Macy's Red Carpet delivery service from their San Antonio distribution warehouse. We would be notified when the sectional was built. That sounds good to me.

The long pole in the tent was that I had to get rid of the butter yellow sofa and love seat. So I listed it on Craigslist.

When the sectional was built, Macy's delivery called to arrange an appointment for delivery. Still no luck selling the sofa and love seat on Craigslist.

Macy's Red Carpet delivery service actually called the day before to confirm a 2-hour window when they would deliver.

Then they called on the next day when they were 30 minutes out.

The two delivery men were so courteous. They even asked if they should remove their shoes. Ha!

They shifted things around and assembled the sectional so it stays together. Depending on the light, it looks brown or gray but it is technically "mocha".

One of the delivery guys asked what about the yellow sofa. I told him about my luck on Craigslist and that I had decided to give it away - maybe Goodwill or Salvation Army. He got this look on his face. I asked him if he wanted it. He grinned. He just got divorced and moved into an apartment and has no furniture. They were headed back to San Antonio so they just loaded the yellow sofa and love seat into the truck. I'm so happy that somebody will use the old furniture.

See, another perfect match that was "meant to be".

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