Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MQS Day 2

OK, it is important to note that there was some seriously awful weather here last night. Now, I'm not being a sissy just because I'm from California. Nooooooo. We had lightning, booming thunder and generous amounts of rain. Did I mention that it was also cold? Yeah, like 40 degrees. Oh, and the tornado was supposed to hit at 4 PM. I think that the tornado decided to stop in Oklahoma. God bless and help those folks - they took a big hit from this storm.

So today, the sun is shining, big white puffy clouds, warm breezes and no signs of bad weather. I wonder how you know what to wear when you leave for work/school here. Here are photos of Barbm - the APQS fix-it girl, Birgit from Germany, and Merete from Norway.

Of course, I remembered the weather form MQS last year. Come to think of it, we had a bad storm last year, too. Well, shame on me for not remembering and packing a few more slacks, jeans, parka, row boat and a few less capris and tank tops. OK, enough about the weather.

MQS is always quiet on Monday. Today, things started picking up. There's a few more faces around the tables in the lower lobby. The APQS chat forum has a big sign posted on one table so that we can all gather and meet the people we have been chatting with all year. Today, the table had 10 or 11 people crowded around for lunch. Sherry Rogers-Harrison even stopped by for a visit. Grammie Tammie and Deb F from Chicago arrived this morning. And so did TracyeQ and MtnBarb. We missed these Colorado guys last year - it was good to see them. Loes and Theo from Art and Stitch also crusied by for a visit. They must surely know that the APQS chat table is the "happening place". LOL

I took Deb Levy's Walk on the Wild Side Wide Borders class this morning. It was a great class. We got some inspiration and techniques from Deb and then she turned us loose with stencils and wide paper. I did a fish theme.

Then I took a short break and found some designs ideas in the Sheraton potty.

This afternoon Patty Jo arrives from Oregon. I'm excited to finally meet her. Then about 35 of us are going to descend on the Elephant Bar in Overland Park. Sounds like fun. Wish you were here.

Table for 37 please

And dessert at Sheridans

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Anonymous said...

wow. looks like you are having loads of fun. :)

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