Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

We are home bodies normally. But since we moved into our new place, we seem to get out more. (That flight of steps up from the garage at the old house may have something to do with it.) I need another day off to rest up from the weekend.

Saturday, I had a haircut appointment at 9 AM at Bella Mia, a new full-service salon in town. The house is surrounded by big shade trees and a white picket fence in front with an arch through the gate. This front yard is where they had a beauty pageant recently. The crafsmen style porch has a swing on one side, big windows and a screen door. It is like stepping into Girly-Land when you cross the threshold. It is very tranquil, some low-key music playing and everybody is so friendly. I just relax and let my hairdresser, Linda H, take care of everything. I stopped by the boutique and found another retro wallet like mine but a different color. After years of carring a big bag, I am trying to downsize my "purse load". I'll have to think about who will get this new wallet. It really has a summery look to it.

Then I ran over to the old house. Yes, we are s-t-i-l-l moving stuff out of there. I stayed just long enough to get sweaty and hot. So I had to run home, change clothes so we could go 'down the hill' to Santee for my grandson Gavin's 4th birthday party. My daughter-in-law did something different this year. We were in Big Rock Park with lots of shade and Dana had the kids make ice cream sundaes. We had a blast. Of course, water guns and blowing bubbles were involved.
You can't have a decent kids party without bubbles. It was over 100 degrees. We kept making the kids drink water. and of course, getting squirted by the water gun felt pretty refreshing. Hunter was being a stinker, so no photo of him.

Saturday night we went to a dinner party held by one of the families in our church. They just finished getting moved in and updating flooring and paint. There were 20 of us for pulled pork barbeque, jello salad, watermelon and much more. The food was wonderful. We played a game and told jokes until it was time to go. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Even my stoic husband had a good time.

Sunday after church is always grocery shopping for the week. This is a chore that I have never enjoyed but I like to eat, so I shop. Terry went off to a baseball game to watch the Padres get creamed again. I did some quilting and then started my MQR Postcard Exchange. The theme for the post cards are the Beach Boys song "i Get Around". This is my first post card exchange so I'm starting out simple. I can't wait to see what ingenious cards I get from the others.

Sunday rolled into Monday and my youngest son, Benjamin, arrived in town for the ComicCon event. Ben works for Comic Relief in the Bay area and they always have the biggest booth at Comic Con so he will be working all week. It has been SOLD OUT for months. No problem for me, I am grounded in reality. I will not be attending ComicCon. I call it the Freak Show. Well, if you have seen the news and how some folks dress up like their favorite comic book or anime character, then you know what I mean. I had favorite comic books, too. But then I grew up. Since Ben is in town, we all gathered for dinner at the Lakeside Cafe. Anytime I can get a dose of my grand-children, I am there. Ben quit smoking for Mother's Day last year. He gave that to me as a present. Honestly, I thought he would cave in and start smoking again. But I noticed last night that my 6' 4" little boy has packed on about 20 extra pounds. He says it is from the smoking. That's ok, you can lose the weight, but you don't want to lose your lungs. Now if I can just get his brother to quit. We had a great dinner and lots of talk. Both Gavin Madison mooched off my salad and hardly touched their sandwiches. Ben came up to see our new house and he likes it. He noticed how quiet it is. Yeah, we like that.

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Lesley said...

Sounds like you had to go to work to relax and get over the weekend lol. How's that IQ going?? I'll bet your having fun.

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