Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another big Hawaiian

We had a quilting class at the high school and the senior center about 3 years ago. The pattern was for a Hawaiian sampler. I think that the pattern is not correct because every single one of these samplers that I have done has lots of fullness in teh middle. The center is a 36 inch Hawaiian flower. Here is a photo of one that I did over year ago. I was still pretty new at longarm quilting and it just about drove me crazy.

So a friend, Marilynn, put the binding on one of my quilts and I told her that I would quilt one of her quilts. We all meet up at sit and sew one Friday night where she will be giving me the quilt that I am supposed to quilt for her. I working on my project and what does Marilynn pull out of her bag? The BIG Hawaiian. I almost cried but a deal is a deal.

Well, she still had to assemble the sampler blocks with the medallion. She was having problems so we all gathered around, put it up on the design board and tried to make it work. Marilynn is an exceptional piecer and she finally decided that the quilt was not going to be up to her usual standards. She decided to donate it to her quilting group (Prayers and Squares at the Lutheran church) and see if somebody else could make it work. I think that the medallion would make a lovely lap quilt but that's just me. So I was so relieved to not get this project but I had to refrain from dancing around with Marilynn close-by.

2 days later a friend, Judy calls about a raffle quilt for the Prayers and Squares group at the Catholic church. After making sure that the $$ went to the church, I said that I would quilt it for her. The group was still deciding on the pattern, yada, yada. The next day Judy called and told me the good news. One of the seniors, an accomplished quilter, donated one of her quilt tops. The Catholic church group did not need to piece a new quilt for their raffle. Judy brought the quilt right over. I need to get it done before MQS.

I almost died when I saw the quilt. It was yet another of those BIG Hawaiian quilts. I just can't seem to get away from these quilts. And does this one have issues? Oh, yeah.

Here are some links to some of the Hawaiians that I have done in the past:

Brenda's Sampler with Celtic Knot

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Paulines Sampler

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