Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Afternoon of Bliss

My husband and I commute about 100 miles a day to work. Yeah, I knhow, I hate it, too. I live in a beautiful country town and for now, I am willing to pay the price in gasoline and seat-time, usually 2 hours and 15 minutes per day total. Normally Terry drops me off at work and drives to his job 3 miles away and hikes in to his office from the north-40 parking lot. My clock started the second I walked into my office. Terry comes and gets me 10 hours later and we go home. So by lunch time on Friday, I have done my 40 hours. So I decided that I wanted the car so I could run some errands. What a great day.

First, I drove a co-worker to the airport.

I braved the militant homeless guys in Point Loma and went to Staples to stock up on several items for a drafting class I have on Saturday. Compass, triangles, graph paper and a couple of other things. I found everything plus I found the lead and erasers for my favorite mechanical pencil.

Feeling emboldened by this score, I went over to Dixieline Lumber and found outdoor solar-powered malibu lights, regularly $36.00 each on clearance for $6.99. I scooped up 6 for our front sidewalk. I have been asking Terry to get some for months but, well, you probably have a similar story.

I want to replace the interior "builder's doors" on our house before we try to sell it. I found the perfect doors for $141 each. They are 2 panel with an eyebrow top panel solid wood, fir, I think. I almost fell over a plastic shower curtain for the guest bathroom. We had used the old one for damage control when we had the roof leak about a month ago. I have been meaning to order one online, who can remember a shower curtain if it is not in your bathroom?

I scooted over to Smart & Final and got some cleaning supplies. The back of the Trailblazer was full, so I had to stop shopping.

I still had 30 minutes until time to pick Terry up for work so I parked on the quaywall near the Star of India on San Diego Harbor. This is one of my favorite spots. All along the quaywall are these enormous pots containing pieces of artwork done as part of the San Diego Public Art Program. It is a great place to stroll or sit and watch the sailboats, ferries, and Navy ships go by.

Across the street is the San Diego County Administration building. It is a popular area for small weddings. I lucked out and got to see two small groups all dressed up for weddings under the copse of palms.

Yeah, it was a good afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the little tour..... I miss California sometimes.


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