Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 13: Roof Leak

We got back from Phoenix on Sunday (12/28) and the Am-Tec folks came 12/29 to pull up the "wet" wood floor. Well, the concrete (under the floor) is still wet. What that means is that wood that was not previously wet can wick the water out of the concrete and become wet. So more of my wood floor is getting pulled up than we expected. They have to run the dehydrator (with drain hose) and fan again. Since they put plastic over the 6 x 8 foot hole in the ceiling, the air is not going up into the attic, so it just buffets around in the plastic room. It sounds noisier to me than last time they used it.

More bad news, the claims adjuster told us that he can't find the flooring in San Diego. We went to Lowe's ourselves and were told that Pergo went into Lowe's a few months ago and encouraged them to deep-discount their on-hand stock of engineered wood. I sure wish that I had known that, I would have bought a couple boxes for emergencies. Then Pergo went in last month and pulled the remaining engineered wood stock on hand. They left the laminate stuff there. I think that Pergo is coming out with a new product and they are pulling the old stuff so they can sell the new stuff. The guy at Lowes could not confirm. This is only my theory.

But this much is fact, I bought Pergo engineered wood floor 2 years ago. I could have gotten the laminate and saved a thousands of $$. But prospective home-buyers in my neighborhood expect the real stuff, not laminate. We also chose Pergo because of their reputation and the 25 year fully-transferrable warranty. That warranty means that if something happens to the floor, I will be able to buy/install/fix it with the same product. So where is that product? Where did Pergo hide their flooring?

The other alternative discussed with my husband is that the insurance would replace the flooring with a different product within line of sight of the damage. When I step into the house and take 4 paces, I can see just about see all the wood. The foyer runs into the living room (straight ahead) and 40 feet down a 4.5 foot wide hallway (on the right) and into the dining room on the left.

This so-called "line of sight" equals about 1100 sq ft of the house. We had to stay in a hotel (dog in the kennel), when the wood was installed 2 years ago. Then it smelled of glue for weeks afterwards. It was a giant-sized hassle...or so I thought. If I could have seen down the road to the current hassle, I would have had carpet installed. Just shoot me.

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