Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just Can't Cut It Scalloped Edge Quilts x 3

Susan Baker had a class for the scalloped edge border. This is always a popular quilt. The last time she had a class, I took it and I ended up quilting some of the student quilts. Susan made a shop sample and had me quilt it with the Fern Meander panto by Kathie James. I love this panto. I did freemotion ferns onthe borders and some crosshatching in the 4-inch inner border.

The scalloped edge really sets off the border. I have quilts from three of Susan's students that must be done before the next class when they will do the scalloped edge. The good part is they all love what I did with the ship sample so that four more Fern Meanders. I quilt the field with the panto and the border is freemotion out to about 4 inches from the edge. Once they mark and cut the scallop, then I will finish the quilts on my Bernina with a simple set of 3 rows of stitching out to the edge. This will keep them nice and flat.

This one is Debby's quilt. She plans to give it to her mother. I love the fabric with the musical instruments. Her mother's eyesight is limited so I wanted to put lots of texture in this quilt. I used cross-hatching, pebbles and parallel lines.

Sue's quilt is a bit larger. Sue has 30 grand nieces and nephews. She plans to give each of them a quilt for their wedding. This will be one of those wedding gifts. Don't you wish that you had an aunt like that? I remember my favorite aunt. She always made me laugh.

And this one is Mary S's quilt. Now this quilt shouts "drama". The black and silver is so striking. I used the Fern Meander on this one, too. I used black thread top and bobbin except in the white border. I used Superior's Metallic Silver thread. I didn't like the way that the black bobbin thread showed on the white border so I tried the minimize the amount of stops/starts. I turned the quilt to do the long side borders. I hope she likes it.

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