Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jody's Mystery Quilt

We had a mystery class at the Crazy 9 Patch Friday night. I really enjoy mystery classes. They are great fun. It's all about the big REVEAL at the end of class. That is when you get to see what your quilt is going to look like.

The hardest part for me is the fabric choice. Martha, the owner of the C9P, doesn't give away the pattern ahead of time...it's all a big secret. So I have to rely on her to help me choose the fabrics. My first mystery was Licorice Twist from ??? book. I insisted on using a fabric collection that contained a striped fabric. Martha tried to steer me away from it. I just told her that she was too bossy and bought the fabric with the stripes anyway. I do love the fabric but it was so wrong for the mystery pattern. So now I just let Martha boss me around about the fabric for a mystery class.

This time she didn't have to, though. One of the other students, Debbie, has a much better eye for color than I do and she was in the shop on the same day that I was selecting my fabric. So we were essentially on the same mission. I was laboring over it and she was just flitting around picking up bolts of fabric. When she laid them on the cutting table, I loved her choices. I complimented her taste and wished, not so secretly, that I had made that choice. I continued my search for the suitable pieces. Then Debbie found some fabric that had just arrived. She adored that collection. So she decided to use the new stuff. And I inherited her original fabric choices. Obviously, Debbie did all the work. HeeHee.

Jody taught this class. The quilt uses very large pieces. It was from Evelyn Sloppy's book, Just One and You're Done. Jody had to drag out the old slide rule and Geometry book so she could make the quilt larger than crib size. The larger blocks also allow you to show off your fabric choices and enable you to use big floral prints.

Jody wanted sand dollars and beach life for this quilt. It is a wedding present for a friend who loves walking on the beach and collecting sand dollars. So I found the perfect choice. It is the panto Simply SeaShells by Michelle Wyman which I found with some help from Joann at the Quilted Rose (our local longarm store - Gammill dealer).

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