Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Twirling Stars

On the machine and in progress. I decided this one needed the "full float" so
no bunny ears on the corners
I love the stars in this quilt top. They look a bit like Ohio Stars but the points are different. The quilt is mostly white with blue and white florals in the 9-patches and stars. The back is white muslin. It belongs to an avid quilter with the endearing grandmother's nickname of Mema; well, her real name is Betty but almost everybody calls her Mema. She is certainly not old enough to be my grandmother, though.

I planned to use white thread on it but it almost 'glowed' when I puddled it onto the quilt. So I tried Signature's cotton thread color Parchment. It looked great. So Parchment it is with prewounds bobbins of Parchment from Signature.

Mema had planned to quilt the top herself and had already marked it for cross hatching. Then she saw a quilt I had done with cross hatching at the local quilt shop and decided to give it to me. The markings look like pencil, I sure hope they come out.

I struggled with what else to put in there. The on-point pattern is done in rows. That is, one whole row is 9 patches followed by a row of twirling stars, etc. I think it would have had more interest if the blocks had been alternating. I found a motif that looks great for the stars. So if I put a motif in the stars, there will be an entire row of that motif. I don't want to use different motifs in each star to make it more interesting because I think that will clutter up what is a very serene quilt top.

I found a sweet little rose stencil for the setting triangles. And I plan to use some simple feathers around the corners interspersed with the cross hatching. I do not plan to use any SID; I think that would make it too blocky. I want the cross
hatch to flow as much as possible from the edge, thru the feather border, thru the rose setting triangle, past the star and into the 9-patches. I have it in my mind how I want it. Now I just need to translate that to the longarm.

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