Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sally's Frogs

One of Sally's grand-daughters loved frogs when she was a young girl. Sally made a quilt for her with a huge frog on the front. Now the girl is 21 years old and she asked her grandmother for another frog quilt.

Sally made this Just Can't Cut It quilt with some fun frog fabric and lime green borders. She asked me to put some frogs in the quilt. I used some frog motifs from Golden Threads Natural Wonders Continuous Line Quilting Earthlines by Julie Mullin on the borders and the corners. In side the field, I quilted water design and frogs poised and leaping from Lora Rocke's design book.

I used Signature's cotto Spring green thread top and bobbin and Quilter's Dream Puff batting.

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Sandra said...

I just wanted to leave a note in some way if I could. Please forgive me if this comes out in any way as rude or mean. So not my intention. I just stumbled onto your site. I LOVE it I really love it. But your blog takes as long as the old dial up loading pages used to. I know that I am a sad sad blogger and have my CHILDREN(lol) help me out. But I asked my husband because I thought it was my computer at first. All he mentioned was that if you made your blog into multiple pages then the load up time would be a snap. Right now your first page has 2 years of beauty to load. Make an archive by the month(I think that is how it works). If you have any computer people around get them to take a peek. They will fix it in a flash. Again I love your blog but I can't look through it. I sure would like to. Again I didn't mean this to offend. I am not a computer person so I just thought I would share. Sandra.E

Niloofar said...

oh im really glad that i found ur blog , i love quilts n these ones were really great n lovely

Becky said...

are you still contributing to your blog? I have just started quilting and I would love some advice. Your quilts are beautiful, you have a talent. I am looking for a pattern for my border on a simple 9 patch. This is my first one so simple is understated!!! I just don't want to do straight lines it seems so boring, and that I am not. PLEASE HELP ME!

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