Friday, December 31, 2010

Handyman in the studio - be very afraid....

My husband is a dear and he helps me with so many things. (Yeah, here comes the "but") But when his heart is not in a project, he can procrastinate longer than anybody I know.
I've had some on-going problems with my feet caused by standing up to quilt (without taking sufficient breaks). I will not bore you with the icky details, let's just say that I have already lost 2 toes on the right foot and would like to keep the remaining eight toes. And before you ask, no I am not diabetic.

So 2 months ago, the foot problems returned and I am still going to weekly wound care treatments. I think they are better ("they" are the 2 big toes) but we are waiting for an MRI to bear that out. So the doctor tells me that I can either sit to quilt or continue to lose appendages. He is not much on bedside manner.

So my husband and I discussed several ideas. We could put in a wood floor but that is a bit pricey. We decided to put in 3/4 finished plywood 4 ft by 12 ft to run the length of my machine. Then we will remove the quilt top's bottom roller that I don't use anyway; that way I can sit on my quilter chair and roll from one end to the other. Before we put in the plywood, we laid down some 6mm plastic to protect the carpet underneath the wood. He is in there installing the wood now with the accompanying choice swear words popping up here and there.

I forgot to mention the keystone cops episode we had when trying to get our lumber home from the store. We ended up calling out neighbor to come bail us out. We bought the plywood (3 ft x 8 ft) and put it on the roof of my SUV. Hubby decided to go with the twine there at the lumber instead of buying rope or bungee cords. We left the lumberyard headed for home. After 3 stops in a half mile to tighten the twine cords where the plywood was sliding off the car, I called my neighbor and asked him to bring his truck. This has been a keystone cops episode since the beginning.

Well, I hear him vacuuming up the sawdust so it must be done. I'm sure I'll love it. No worries, I have great insurance.

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Patty E said...

I purchased some 2 ft x 2 ft foam interlocking tiles at Lowes (they were designed for kids so they are primary colors). They look like giant puzzle pieces,are about 1/2-3/4in thick and relatively inexpensive. I laid them out on the concrete floor surrounding my quilting machine table. You could even use multiple layers if extra cushioning is needed. It might not work with a chair, but it's great for standing on while longarm quilting. Patty in Central CA

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