Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Another Penguin Quilt

I am so far behind on the blogging. I just finished this Standing Room Only quilt (pattern by Carol Morrisey). I took the class and ended up with three more to quilt besides mine. This one is Sally Ts quilt. I called Sally when it was ready and drove into town to drop it off at the quilt shop.

I noticed several kids (11-12 years old) in the parking lot but kids frequently accompany mothers to the shop. I grabbed my quilt and was on my way into the shop when 2 women (the mothers of these 4 girls) saw the bag. One of the women was the wife of a local pastor and the other was a Japanese woman here on a visit. The pastor's wife spoke Kanji. I have been to Japan many times but only know "Hello" and to bow as a greeting. So that's what I did, smile and bow. They wanted to see my quilt.

We were all gathered on the ramp into the shop and I opened the bag and showed them the quilt. The Japanese woman had many questions which were relayed via the pastor's wife. We stood there so long and talked that Sally T had time to drive from her house up to the quilt shop to pick up her quilt, the one I was displaying in the parking lot. When Sally figured out that we were all gathered around her quilt, first she loved the quilting and then she was also pleased that it had an international audience. LOL.

Sally is all about the quilt. Sally made a kingsize quilt for one of her daughters a year or so ago. I was holding the, as yet unquilted, quilt top up in the quilt shop to look at it when another woman admired it. Sally said "thank you" without even noticing that it was Eleanor Burns who complimented her on her quilt. A few weeks later, Eleanor Burns came to our annual quilt show while Sally was putting the binding on that big kingsize quilt. I grabbed Sally, her daughter Chrissy and the quilt and got a nice photo of the three of them: Eleanor, Sally and Chrissy. Sally loves to make quilts.


rtquilter said...

Hi, LOVE this quilt. I just saw one the other day but the quilter could not remember whose pattern it was . Do you recall? do you know if it is still available?

rtquilter said...

Hi, Love this quilt ! Do you happen to know who designed the pattern and whether it is still available? I would love to have a copy. thanks

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