Monday, November 20, 2006

Oma and Poppy at the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween, my DH and I offered to take our two grandsons to the pumpkin patch. They have lots of activities to interest young boys, pony rides, pick-your-own pumpkin, hay bale maze, inflatables to jump around in and a petting zoo with baby farm animals.

So we gathered up the boys and off we went to the pumpkin patch in Lakeside. We had to park quite a ways off because there were some soccer games going on at the nearby recreation fields in Lakeside. My DH carried Gavin, the baby, he's 15 months old. I walked with the 3 1/2 year old, Hunter. He chattered all the way up the road, asking questions about this pumpkin patch place. This boy did not speak until he was 2 and a half years old. Now he jabbers all the time. And he speaks full grammatically correct sentences. I think he was just learning and then one day just decided that it was OK to talk now. Or he was waiting for his brother to show up and then he had to speak up to get attention.

The punkin patch was pretty crowded. This is southern California, there was no autumn nip in the air or leaves changing colors. It was 85 degrees. The boys did not know what to make of the place.

Oma: "Look at the ponies. Would you like a pony ride, Hunter ?"

Hunter: "The ponies smell bad, Oma."

Oma: "Let's go into the petting zoo and pet the lamb"

Hunter: "No, I don't like it in there"

Oma: "How about jumping around in the big red house? (inflatable)"

Hunter: No Oma, Gavin can't go in there. He's too little"

Hmmm, who is the child here and who is the Grandmother?

Next was the hay maze, the hay was scratchy. Then let's find a pumpkin for each boy. "You can pick your own pumpkin" I said trying to revive this outing. That was fun until he picked up the one he wanted and the stem was scratchy and icky. I carried the pumpkin the rest of the way.

So we were standing in line to pay for the pumpkins for the 2 boys. There were pumpkins, corn, winter vegetables, animals and hay everywhere. And what was he interested in? You can see it in his picture..... Can you guess??

He said "Oma, can I have some Cheetos?"

"Of course, my angel" I said.

The moral to the story. Go to the grocery store to pick out your pumpkins and deliver them to your grandsons.

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Norece said...

The same thing happened with us - we took GD, age 7, to Disneyworld - she didn't want to go on any rides, all she wanted to do was spend her $ and after she did that she wanted to go home. nothing we could do made her happy - the kid rides were to scarey, the shows too loud, they had nothing at all she wanted to eat for lunch - we were in and out of Disneyworld in three hours - it was a 12 hour drive each way. Never again will we take grandkids anywhere except the local McDonalds!

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